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Hotlum Powell Capital Management LLC, Hotlum Powell Integrated Services LLC and the company’s main brand, Altered Ventures™ (The Fund) serves as an investment and related services enterprise established in and ruled under the Law of The United States of America. Altered Ventures™ offers diverse financial products, solutions, portfolio management and investment advisory services mainly focused on three markets within the interactive entertainment industry: video game development and game content creation, VR/AR applications (hardware and software), and esports initiatives (from startups to individual talent). Altered Ventures™ also offers portfolio management advisory services in public equity markets within investment sectors to the interactive entertainment industry such as software, hardware, media, retail, information technology, platform development, entertainment, content distribution, etc.


There are serious risks involved with any investment, including the potential loss of the initial capital. The video games industry and the correlated markets around it are consistently growing. Nevertheless, the risks and challenges of its dynamic should be carefully considered by institutions and individuals before making any investment decision. Any company (public or private, startup or multinational) from the industries in which The Fund invests including the three sub-markets described in the present document, will face intense competition in the coming years as more people are jumping in the worldwide interactive entertainment opportunity. Past performance is never indicative of future results.


Several risks involving the industry and other risks factors must be reviewed in the additional materials available by request. The Fund will also go through any specific questions and/or concerns from potential investors on how to activate, manage, control and protect their vertical portfolio within the video games industry only if the terms are mutually and legally agreed between the parties including all confidentiality and privacy issues contemplated in the MNDA that will be signed by the parties before further discussions are hold between them. Your viewing of this web site and its contents, in printed or digital format, constitutes your full acceptance of the LEGAL RESTRICTIONS, LEGAL DISCLAIMERS, DISCLOSURES AND TERMS OF USE as outlined in these and other web site pages.

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